Can You Publish Bad Content On Your Business Blog?

Back in November, we published a piece around the ability to write the perfect blog post.  Essentially explaining that whilst a perfect blog post is a possibility, there isn’t one uniformed way – a template, for example – that can be followed to always produce it time and time again.

Although this might be the case and we explained that all perfect blog posts have one common denominator – they are focused on the specific audience – what we didn’t say is that it’s actually a possibility to produce not simply a poor quality blog post, but a blog post that has a negative impact on your business blogging strategy.

However, a more accurate phrase would be quality content is king, as consistently poor content can – perhaps surprisingly to some – have a detrimental effect on your entire digital marketing strategy.

The reason behind this is that both Google and the average consumer can distinguish between content that has been produced to a high standard and that which has been thrown together for the sake of it.

Whilst the first point here is interesting itself – not many people realise that Google is intelligent enough to understand the difference between the content – it’s the second that is of particular interest to many, as a lot of people don’t realise they’re making a decision as to whether they should buy from a certain company because of the content the company produces.

For instance, a standard shopping process could be to search in Google for a product, come across a blog post about it, like what we’ve read, click through to the product page and purchase it.

But would you have clicked through to the product page if the blog post was poorly written, offered no real information than that which you already knew and appeared to be a complete and utter sales pitch?

You might say ‘potentially’ now, but at the time, it’s highly likely your sub-conscience would make other decisions.

And when it comes to content and Google in terms of SEO, there are a whole host of reasons why you really can publish bad content on your blog.

For example, several years ago you could have seen success by publishing content on your blog that was full of keywords and backlinks.  Today, however, creating this type of blog post would see you be penalised heavily – it’s not natural, it’s not organic and it’s content that is likely to make for poor reading, something Google is heavily against.

Whenever we work with clients, we always tell them that they can publish content on their blog alongside that which we publish.  However, we also ensure they are fully aware of the consequences of just publishing content for the sake of it, as although it might take a lot of time to produce a perfect blog post that has a hugely positive impact on your digital marketing strategy, the unfortunate truth is it could take only a fraction of the time to produce one that would have a considerably detrimental impact on it.