When Should You Start Your Business Blog?

Business blogging is a resource that can be used for a variety of reasons.  Sales.  Marketing.  Customer Service.  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  Whatever business process or strategy you have in place, business blogging can support or supplement it.

However, the primary focus of any business blogging strategy should be to communicate and engage with your audience, but because of this, many organisations believe they have to wait until they actually have an audience online;  people visiting their website both initially and time and time again.  It might not be hundreds or thousands of people, but some believe that until they have at least some returning visitors, a blog is unnecessary – if it’s for speaking to your audience, what’s the point in developing one if you don’t actually have an audience?

In one hand, this point makes sense, as by launching a blog before you have an audience, you’re likely to be talking to yourself for at least a little while.

In the other, however, it’s completely wrong – and that’s because an effective business blogging strategy will not only engage with your audience, but it will attract your audience and the more you blog, the bigger this audience will become.

It’s for this reason why your business blog should ideally be launched at the same time your website is.

People will visit your website for a specific reason.  It might be to find out more information about the products you offer or further details on the price of your services.  You’ll of course get visitors who have landed on the website by mistake, but the visitors who are truly going to be beneficial as top of funnel leads are the ones who are looking for something in particular.

Without a blog, you’re relying on these visitors getting exactly what it is from the few pages of content you have available.  This content is static and there’s nothing additional to it, which means it effectively has to be perfectly suited to your customers’ needs.

By utilising a blog, however, you offer customers so much more.  Yes, they may only land on one blog post to begin with, but a regularly updated blog could have dozens – if not hundreds – of related blog posts after only a few months.  Each and every post you publish (and make readily available) is another resource that could keep your customers on your site longer – and the longer they’re on your website, the more chance there is of them converting into a customer.

What’s also worthwhile noting is that you could see some considerable results if you actually launched your blog before your website went live.  Giving you the opportunity to start developing an audience, an effective business blogging strategy could help to attract numerous visitors on a regular basis, stirring up interest in your website so that when it does launch, you already have a ready-and-waiting potential customer base eager to find out more about what you have to offer.

Blogging is very much like SEO in one sense.  People have heard of it, they know it’s important, but they often fail to realise that it needs to be implemented as soon as possible – ideally at the launch of your website, if not before.  This isn’t to say you won’t see success by implementing a blogging strategy today, even if your website has been live for several years, as you most definitely will, but if you had a choice between starting a blog at the launch of your website or delaying it for several months, the first option should always be chosen.

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